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"Trump won't peacefully transfer power", claim violent terror groups attempting to overthrow government

The deep-fried Oreos at the snack bar inside the Mermaids casino used to make for an unhealthy but tasty treat when visiting Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Sadly, the casino shut down just a few weeks after @kathryn and I shared this order. June 2016. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

To follow up on this ... About two hours later, I received a whole batch of her replies all at once, and then my reply back to her was held up for about another half-hour. Weird stuff. WhatsApp messages are typically delivered nearly instantaneously.

The word "compassion" has experienced quite a twist in meaning this year.

Apparently, it is now "compassion" when you use your legislative power to lock up low-risk offenders for decades.

Also, it is now "compassion" when you use your prosecutorial power to lock up low-risk offenders for decades.

However, it is no longer "compassion" when you use your executive power to release low-risk offenders locked up for decades.

Interesting. πŸ€”

Read into this what you will ... I was just having a WhatsApp conversation with an acquaintance in China. As soon as the conversation started to turn to coronavirus statistics, the conversation went cold. My messages just stopped going through. It could just be a coincidence, like a bad connection on her end or something, but the timing is suspicious. πŸ€”

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