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In light of the times, I thought it would be fun to rearrange my bookshelf to create a very small "dystopian literature" section. Right now it has Animal Farm, 1984, and Brave New World. I left some extra room for Atlas Shrugged, which I seem to have misplaced.

The flight to Mexico City from Phoenix went relatively smoothly. In fact, I think we arrived a little early. The flight approached from the east this time, and one could see the stark contrast between the densely populated urban area and the undeveloped area just beyond. We arrived to a packed immigration hall, so when I finally cleared into Mexico, my bag was already off the conveyor belt.

In April 2010, I arrived for my first day of work at a local utility company, ready to begin what was supposed to be a nine-month contract to upgrade a Blackberry app. This past week, nearly ten years later, I finally said goodbye. Today, I’m leaving for Mexico City. I’ll be there for four weeks to take a Spanish language course.

Follow up on my post from Friday:

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to boost an old post from my every morning. I hope this will work out the bugs in my limited implementation.

The first series of posts will be from my four weeks of study in City earlier this year.

profile of my blog: @curt

Oops! I knew some of my domain name renewals were due today, but I thought I still had a few more hours. I just renewed them about a half-hour ago. My Mastodon instance ( appears to be reachable again. My blog ( may be reachable for some. It finally came back for me after I flushed my local DNS cache.

The Washington Post published an editorial today calling on the New England Patriots to change their team name due to its association with the United States of America.

After Facebook blocked my blog for no reason over three weeks ago, I decided to see what it would take to enable on an otherwise static blog. After a couple weeks of effort, I've implemented a subset of features. The blog can receive follows and accept them, and individual posts can receive favorites and boosts.

Profile: @curt

Known issue: The actor URL for the blog doesn't resolve correctly at the moment. If you click on the profile link, you'll just see JSON. I'm working on it.

I’d been waiting until I have an interesting story to post with this photo of two Sonoran hot dogs at El Güero Canelo in Phoenix. However, after four months, I’ve decided to go ahead and post it anyway. It was Sunday, Kathryn and I had just left church, we were hungry, and we hadn’t had a Sonoran hot dog in a while. That’s pretty much the entire story.

A friend described his recent first-time experience on the Fediverse as a "tyranny of the cats." It was a Saturday.

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