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Fifteen years ago this month, I moved from Richmond, Virginia, to Phoenix, Arizona. A few weeks later, Hurricane Gaston hit Richmond hard, particularly my former neighborhood near Shockoe Bottom. The Richmond Times-Dispatch website has some photos of the aftermath.

I was the altar server at Mass this morning, as I often am on Mondays. Check out today's intentions! Our parish has a backlog of over six months for intentions, so it's not too hard to imagine what event triggered this.

New computer build underway. I haven't yet decided for sure what I'm putting under the hood, but since this is my first-ever build, I'm going to keep it modest with room to grow. However, I did know I wanted an old-school optical drive, and since it was cheap, I installed it first. I'm hoping to be done by Labor Day.

Why go out for lunch when you have a fridge full of leftovers? I saw rice, so my mind immediately went to stir fry. There was also some Spam, a can of which I opened for breakfast earlier this week. And there were green onions, although not technically leftovers since I bought them for next week's breakfasts. Add a little oil and soy sauce and voilร !

When my wife is away, I'm stuck on paw patrol. I'm supposed to feed the cat first thing when I wake up, but I usually have coffee first. This morning the cat feigned indifference by posing for a photo on her infinity scratcher.


Under Mounting Pressure From Snopes, Babylon Bee Writers Forced To Admit They Are Not Real Journalists

In a statement issued Monday, Babylon Bee's editorial team confessed they have been making up their stories this entire time.

Public pay phones still exist in the United States. I saw these two yesterday in Keystone, South Dakota, the town nearest to Mount Rushmore. Both appeared to be in good shape, although I didn't verify with a call.

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota. The visitors center is under construction, so this was as close as we could get today without taking the hiking trails. It was a bit too warm today for a long hike, especially when my next destination was not a shower, but an airplane. All things considered, this view wasn't bad.

I'm calling it: The most pleasant screeners in the U.S. are in Rapid City, South Dakota. Everyone was professional, courteous, and just plain friendly. If only it were so elsewhere in the States.

Park in front of the Crook County Courthouse in , . I'm waiting for my friend to take care of some business at a bank up the street.

Almost everyone who's seen me standing here taking photos has said hello. The town has a population of just over 1,000.

Last night, while still in , we went to dinner at Buffalo Bodega. My friend ordered prime rib, and his mom ordered steak tips. As delicious as both dishes looked, after more than 48 hours of overeating, I couldn't bring myself to order anything other than a salad with a bit of chicken on it.

This morning, my body is thanking me.

A at No. 10 Saloon in , South Dakota. It was an Irish red ale from a Rapid City brewer, but I've already forgotten the name.

It was the only time I've seen my friend's mom drink a beer during this trip. Or ever, as far as I can remember.

Yesterday I took a bus tour of Deadwood, South Dakota, to see its historical sites. The Mt. Moriah Cemetery is the final resting place of many of Deadwood's most famous characters. These photos are the graves of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, which are next to one another.

Since mid-afternoon yesterday, the weather around here has turned damp, with low fog and occasional light showers on and off. A peak out the hotel window this morning confirms more of the same today.

After lunch in , we visited the ranch house my friend recently inherited, then we drove back to . I fulfilled my Sunday obligation at the Catholic church there before we headed over to for dinner with my friend's mom.

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