I haven't seen the when picked, but here's someone's guess on the how ...

Does Vegas have an over under date for Ghislaine Maxwell‘s “suicide” yet? If so have they picked the date? Anybody know if any Senators have placed their bets?

And some of the suggestions are beyond laughable. Listening to aging hippies suggest Imagine nearly had me shooting coffee out of my nose. 😂

There's no such thing as proof by failure to find a counterexample.

Let's end the confusion once and for all and make it a week-long holiday.

I’m halfway through my four-week Spanish course in Mexico City, so I feel I’m in a position to review the first two weeks somewhat objectively. Honestly, I didn’t have a whole lot of information about the school before I signed up to come here. I’d seen the school’s website — which I wouldn’t expect to be entirely objective — and had seen a few positive reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook — neither of which I trust much.


It's an intentionally misleading ad. Americans already have the right to vote without waiting in line for hours. However, many choose to waive that right and show up at the polling stations an hour before they close.


Laughing as I sit in Phoenix reading this poll. Not sunburnt though, since I don't leave air conditioning during summer. 😂

At the current exchange rate, a 500-peso note is worth about $27 U.S., making it the closest thing Mexico has to a U.S. $20 bill. Still, small businesses here react to a 500-peso note like you’re asking them to make change for a $1,000. It seems they just don’t keep very much cash in their tills. And forget about credit cards at many small businesses.


Ha! I once had a recruiter call me up and then tell me he wasn't interested if I didn't have at least 8 years of C# experience. It was 2005. I wonder if he kept looking for another three years. 😆

Reddit has banned so many subreddits, its 404 page suggests your typo may be a ban.

I’ve been putting off doing laundry since I arrived in Mexico City ten days ago. I packed relatively light for this trip, expecting to find a nearby laundromat where I could wash a small load of clothes every five or six days, perhaps while doing my homework or writing a blog post on my phone. After arriving, though, I discovered there are few coin-operated laundromats in this city, and none nearby.


Whatever you changed did the trick for me! I was able to fetch the profile without a signed request.


I think I figured out the problem. It looks like mstdn.social requires signed requests to get the user profile, which my code isn't doing. However, unsigned requests don't fail; they get a limited profile that excludes, among other things, the icon URL.


Being completely open does have its pluses and minuses. I found good block lists for porn and spam when I set up my instance about a year ago, and luckily I haven't had to add much since then. Some Mastodon instances, in the interest of transparency, publish their block lists online. I was looking at one on the about page of mstdn.social earlier today. It might be a good place to start.

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