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We've had a fair amount of rain this week in Phoenix, believe it or not. There was one day I drove to work in rain and drove home in rain. That almost never happens. 🌧️

The making of a bacon, cheese, and egg white omelet. This is the first YouTube video I've put together with OpenShot Video Editor. I wanted to start with a mundane topic, just in case I was disappointed with the end result. It's a little over six minutes long.

Car is in the shop today, so I took the bus and light rail to work. Latest blog post.

My wife and I feel the same way. Our little darlings are still little for now.


A short video of getting caught in a dust storm while walking along the Las Vegas Strip. My wife and I were in front of Bally's at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Flamingo when the weather turned nasty. And then, a few minutes later, it was all over. From August last year.

I admit it's been a while since I wrote a new blog post. Today's is just a photo of Devils Tower and a few words to go with it.

Right. It looks like a waste of two perfectly good donuts.


100% compostable? It should read 100% combustible. Only 30 seconds in a microwave before I could smell something burning. I'm lucky I don't have a lap full of lukewarm coffee.

Anyone who has to call himself an "influencer" isn't an influencer.
I live in Phoenix. I've only been at work a couple hours. Most of the day is still ahead of me.

The amount of time I spend replacing the bottles on my office's water cooler is becoming wildly disproportionate to the amount of water I consume.

Also, I'm probably a few years older than you, so I may have an easier time relating to the main character.

I haven't seen Last Man Standing recently, but I've enjoyed it when I've watched it in the past. I suppose at least some of the humor wouldn't translate well to an audience outside the U.S.

The true minimum wage is zero, regardless of what the law says. Even the New York Times understood that ... 22 years ago. How times have changed!

Alcohol is never the answer. Except when I can't sleep. 🍺

I plugged in 23 mi, 25 mpg, and $3.00/gal, and it told me I'd save 22 g of CO2 and $1.80 per month. That can't possibly be right. 🤔


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