Thank you for enriching my vocabulary today. 😆

Just last week, after using WD-40 to loosen a stuck bathroom drain tailpiece I was trying to replace, I thought about how the product doesn't have any real competition after all these years. I don't know anyone who goes into a hardware store and asks for store-brand water displacer.

They've let the president live rent-free in their heads for so long, he has squatter's rights.

Maybe he did answer but no one could hear him through the mask.

But but but I need to have cars that match my shoes!


If someone rams her car and has a Biden sticker, the odds are better than even the other name on the sticker is Obama.

@Dawnz @JM
We're starting Oct. 7 in Arizona -- or at least here in Maricopa County -- which is the typical time frame. It doesn't matter though. Everyone will just wait until 6 p.m. on Election Day and then blame whichever Republican is most closely tied to elections. 😆

@JM @Dawnz
I think it started late last week in Virginia. I lived in Richmond for years and still scan the headlines now and then.

@Dawnz @JM
Early in-person voting has already started in a few places. Maybe the exit-polling data isn't what they were expecting.

@mystik @Angela
My point was not whether it would matter, but to highlight the double-standard in media "fact"-checking. For Biden to say "no one" wore a mask is an obvious exaggeration that, if it had been uttered by Trump, would have been reported as a lie.

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