I just had two pollsters knock at the front door. One was wearing a Washington Post "Democracy Dies in Darkness" t-shirt, apparently able to read a newspaper but not a "no trespassing" sign. Both were wearing enormous, obnoxious face shields. They knew my first name and didn't bother to address me as Mister. I asked them what they wanted. Some questions about the election, they said. What specifically, I asked. About registration and ... I cut them off. I'm registered to vote, have a nice day.


You could have collected intel: are they trying to steal your ballot? You could have stopped a felony. Not necessarily you, but some of us need to try harder.

I'm working from home, and it's still middle of the business day here. They're someone else's problem now.


I know sometimes I'm just too worn out and tired to deal with their crap. But sometimes ... I can catch them.

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