@curt I never knew we had penguins in ZA for a long time.

Fun fact: It snows in select areas. In my ares on the mountains only but if you drive enough you get discount snow - muddied snow.

I was there during your summer, but snow doesn't surprise me. The terrain I saw was quite varied. Beautiful country!

@curt I want to see more of the US.

Been there twice when I was young - I loved it.

But I want to go to the out doors - not just tourist sites.

And preferably a one way ticket.

I hear that a lot. People want to see the "real" America, and I totally get it. Places like New York and Los Angeles and Miami are as American as Paris is French.

@curt exactly.

And maybe I just want to go to a gun range in Texas too 😎

Not for nothing, but Arizona is considered even more Second Amendment friendly than Texas. 😉

@curt I've heard this. Well, guess I'll have to come stop by there then afterall ;)

@curt 😂👌

Me checking off everythinh listed in "America Fuck Yeah"

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