Leaving Twitter or Reddit for Parler or Gab is like finding a different warden for the same prison.

Wouldn't you rather escape?

@curt Yep. There needs to be a good once-and-for-all decentralized Twitter alternative.

You're already using it. It just needs critical mass. 😉

@curt There's some issues to be fixed beforehand: completely siloed instances (I can't "join" another one), difficulty in figuring it out, lack of good ready-to-go filters (I'd love to get rid of all porn and bots), and some cross-instance censorship issues still present. Better than nothing though!

Being completely open does have its pluses and minuses. I found good block lists for porn and spam when I set up my instance about a year ago, and luckily I haven't had to add much since then. Some Mastodon instances, in the interest of transparency, publish their block lists online. I was looking at one on the about page of earlier today. It might be a good place to start.

@curt Cool, thanks! I also wish there were a good way to either switch instance without creating a new account, or follow other instances entirely (not just individuals on other instances).

@thedesertlynx @curt Would really like to see some options for discussions as well. Maybe based on the principles of usenet or fidonet?

Actually thought about resurrecting usenet because it is now so unpopular that it might become useable again.

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