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Follow up on my post from Friday:

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to boost an old post from my every morning. I hope this will work out the bugs in my limited implementation.

The first series of posts will be from my four weeks of study in City earlier this year.

profile of my blog: @curt

Does Vegas have an over under date for Ghislaine Maxwell‘s “suicide” yet? If so have they picked the date? Anybody know if any Senators have placed their bets?

I’m halfway through my four-week Spanish course in Mexico City, so I feel I’m in a position to review the first two weeks somewhat objectively. Honestly, I didn’t have a whole lot of information about the school before I signed up to come here. I’d seen the school’s website — which I wouldn’t expect to be entirely objective — and had seen a few positive reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook — neither of which I trust much.

At the current exchange rate, a 500-peso note is worth about $27 U.S., making it the closest thing Mexico has to a U.S. $20 bill. Still, small businesses here react to a 500-peso note like you’re asking them to make change for a $1,000. It seems they just don’t keep very much cash in their tills. And forget about credit cards at many small businesses.

Reddit has banned so many subreddits, its 404 page suggests your typo may be a ban.

I’ve been putting off doing laundry since I arrived in Mexico City ten days ago. I packed relatively light for this trip, expecting to find a nearby laundromat where I could wash a small load of clothes every five or six days, perhaps while doing my homework or writing a blog post on my phone. After arriving, though, I discovered there are few coin-operated laundromats in this city, and none nearby.

Leaving Twitter or Reddit for Parler or Gab is like finding a different warden for the same prison.

Wouldn't you rather escape?

Thanks for the follow on my blog! For some reason your profile photo didn't make it onto the followers page. It looks like I have some troubleshooting to do. 😄

There's lots of news today about individuals getting banned from big, corporate social media sites like YouTube and Reddit. There's very little news about individuals getting banned from their own personal Mastodon or Pleroma instances. 😏️

For the last week or so, I've been boosting one post a day from the archives of my blog, which I recently joined into the by enabling the protocol. If you'd like to follow, it has its own profile at @curt ( Perhaps you can figure out why it's blocked by and . 🤔

Even though my NFL team has been out of the playoffs since the wild card round, it seemed like a given that I’d end up watching the Super Bowl while I was in Mexico City. Although soccer certainly gets more attention, American football is in fact quite popular in Mexico. And sure enough, on the first day of class, one of my classmates, born and raised in San Francisco, asked about my Super Bowl plans.

The floors creak quite loudly in the apartment where I’m staying here in Mexico City. When someone passes by my door at night, sometimes the creaking wakes me up out of a sound sleep. Around midnight last night, I woke up to the sound of creaking floors, but this time the footsteps stopped at my door. Then I heard a knock. Still in a daze, I thought for a split second it might be the security guard.

One of the nice things about living in a UTC-7 time zone is being able to listen to RFM Night Fever in the middle of the afternoon. 📻

I woke up in the middle of the night last night to the sensation of my bed swaying back and forth. It was quite different from the near-constant vibration of traffic rumbling along the street below. I’ve been trying to determine whether what I felt was an earthquake. Both the U.S. and Mexican authorities report several earthquakes in the vicinity over the past twelve hours, with one of them being over a 5 on the Richter scale.

The answer to censorship on social media? Let's find gardens with even higher walls! 🤦‍

Yesterday I decided to go out around 4 pm for my daily beer time. I walked down a nearby street and noticed a number of places had happy hour beer specials on Tuesdays and Wednesday, and some of them were dirt cheap. In particular, I ended up in a supposedly “Irish” pub where they were offering one-liter drafts of Dos Equis for 49 pesos. How can one go wrong? The thing about a ridiculously cheap beer is that it lowers the barrier to ordering another one.

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