Just a reminder: After the 2000 election, the U.S. didn't officially have a President-elect until December 12, and the world didn't come to an end.

I just finished watching Governor Ducey's press conference. After hearing the reporters' questions, you could be forgiven for thinking the most pressing issue facing Arizona right now is getting the governor to comment on matters that are ultimately not his to decide.

If you’re reading this and thinking, with all the pandemic fear, now is a terrible time to be at a cinema, let me say this: There may never be a better time to go to the movies! Due to all the temporary sanitation protocols, the screening room was cleaned so thoroughly between screenings, you could almost eat off the floor.


We were strolling down a busy shopping street in the middle of a weekday, and suddenly there was a wedding party all around us. I think there was some sort of city hall annex nearby. Montevideo, Uruguay. October 2017.

Guys, the most important election of our lifetimes is only 1,461 days away!

Relax, folks. Take a deep breath. Whatever happens over the next few days or weeks, happens. Rest up. This circus begins again in about 36 months.

The local polling center opened between the time I left for my morning hike and the time I came home. At 7:15 am there was already a line of cars streaming into the parking lot.

The greatest thing about election day is the peace that it brings. No more TV ads. No more print ads stuffing the mailbox. No more filling up the email inbox with money begging. No more phone calls begging for money. Just one more day til peace returns.

Don't dare worship with the same few dozen people you've been hugging and hand-shaking for years, even if you're feeling well, but by all means go to your local polling station and infect hundreds of strangers, even if you're feeling sick.


Three questions:
-Are you terrified about the possible outcome of the election tomorrow? πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
-Do you own cryptocurrency?
-Do you actually use cryptocurrency on a regular basis?

Early morning clouds to the east of the valley made for some nice sunrises this weekend. This one is from our Saturday hike in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. 🌡 @kathryn

it's amazing how many stories you can 'debunk' just by looking up the actual sources

I can live with permanent standard time or continuing to switch back and forth in spring and fall, but I refuse the other option. Permanent DST is abhorrent to God and Nature. Noon is when the sun is directly above, motherfuckers!

I'm seeing a lot of URLs on my feed lately to amp.google.com or feedproxy.google.com or similar, that redirect to another site. The first problem with these urls is that anyone who clicks these is giving data to Google. The bigger problem is that Google can turn them off.

If you care at all about an open Internet (I assume you do, because you're posting here and not Twitter), clean your URLs and stop giving Google control over what people can and cannot see online.

It seemed like a good time to screenshot this definition. Meaning 2 is at risk of being memory-holed.

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